API Documentation

Our stack enables you to integrate your own branded payment wallet into your website. APIs and SDK allow you to integrate into Checkout, PDPs and your Back-end to enable refunds, captures and to be able to get real-time rewards balances for your customers.

Getting started

Tandym offers a branded and hosted Checkout experience while giving you maximum flexibility on integrating it in your website. Below are the guides that walk through it step-by-step on integrating all of the APIs/ SDKs of Tandym. Integrating Tandym powered branded payments to your site should be seen as a 4 step process.


On-site messaging

SDK to integrate to your PDP, Cart and Checkout pages for discovery and messaging.

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Checkout Integration

Learn how to trigger the Checkout API to start the hosted Payment experience. This guide also explains the capture and auth-refresh mechanisms.

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Rewards Integration

Get the real-time rewards balances for your customers.

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Refunds Management

Connect to the refunds API to trigger both partial and full refunds.

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Program About Page

Install your custom Program About Page as a key landing page to send prospective customers to from marketing materials and for any detailed questions.

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Learn about the checkout model and how to create your checkout requests.

Sync Order

Learn about the sync order model and how to sync an order.


Learn about the captures model and how to capture a transaction.


Learn about the void model and how to void a transaction.


Learn about the Auth model and how to refresh the Authorization token.


Learn about the Refunds model and how to do a partial or full refund.


Learn about the Rewards model and how to retrieve the real-time rewards balance for a customer.